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As you may have noticed, we ask you to enter a Password above to effectively create a 'member account' on our web site when you are buying goods from us for the first time. This is purely for your convenience should you ever return and want to buy more goods at a later time as you will not be required to fill in your billing address again (unless you wish to modify it). You can remove your account from our web site at any time as long as any goods on order have been safely dispatched to you.

We only store your Name, Address and Contact details in order to dispatch goods to you. WE DO NOT STORE ANY PAYMENT CARD DETAILS ON THIS SITE. If you are buying our goods with a payment card then you will be entering those details on our Payment Provider Partner's (SagePay) secure web site. The owners and employees at OSM will never have access to, or any knowledge about, your card details.

We will never pass on any of your details entered here to a third party of any kind unless it is subject to a legally binding Court Order.